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#1 Geeta "Kenyan Massala" Kapur

#2 Natalie "Dreamcatcher" Barker

#3 Peggy "24 Karat" Long

#4 Melissa "Solaar" Murchison-Blake

#5 Brenda "Miss Cheex" Eribo

#6 Katherine "Miss Linx" Stanley

#7 Janelle "Absolut Hershe" Poe


Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority, Inc. was founded at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,

by seven diverse womxn who sought to create an inclusive sisterhood. The Founders chose to transcend

traditional boundaries with the creation of a new Greek-letter organization that would embody the ideals of

scholarship, service, sisterhood, leadership, and multiculturalism. Despite being met with significant concerns

about the viability of such an organization, the Founders held strong to their beliefs and pushed forward in

creating the Sorority. Through their commitment and dedication, the dream of founding Theta Nu Xi came

to fruition on April 11, 1997.

Over the next few years, the Sorority made great strides. By 1999, Theta Nu Xi had grown to three chapters with expansions to North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. The addition of the Beta and Gamma chapters paved the way towards a national structure, and in August 1999 the national organization was founded. The Sorority continued to expand, adding three more chapters by 2000, including the first chapter outside of North Carolina.

By 2000, many of the Sorority’s earliest members were beginning the transition into post-collegiate life, carrying with them the lifelong commitment they made to uphold the mission of Theta Nu Xi. Alumni who had organized in New York City, Greensboro, NC, and Washington, D.C., began working on creating a structure that would allow them full participation in Sorority activities, as well as membership opportunities for other post-collegiate womxn. At the National Convention in 2001, a formal structure for Graduate, Alumnae, and Professional (GAP) membership was adopted. And the following year, the first GAP chapters were established, making Theta Nu Xi the first multicultural sorority to offer membership to post-collegiate womxn.

By 2007, Theta Nu Xi had taken flight, growing to 23 undergraduate and 15 GAP chapters and kaleidoscopes. The Sorority commemorated the milestone by returning to where it all began for that year’s National Convention. Members gathered in record numbers in Chapel Hill, NC to celebrate the achievements of the Sorority, our members, and to look toward the future of Theta Nu Xi.

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Theta Nu Xi is evolving in our mission, purpose, and tenets. The events of the past four years, including a national racial reckoning and a global pandemic, have reminded us of the importance of being caring advocates for one another, the value of sisterhood across lines of difference, and the impact of multiculturalism and social justice on the campuses and communities we serve.


Through our two-year thematic focus, The Butterfly Transcends: Soar, Ascend & Empower, we move beyond the initial bonds of sisterhood to actively collaborate, educate, and equip each other with the tools and resources to further our mission.

We will center sisterhood by creating collaborative spaces for members to connect and build relationships.  We will continue to work through our evolving identity to meet the needs of our members.  We will focus on sustainability by developing organizational cohesion and capacity to ensure Theta Nu Xi will be here for years to come.

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