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Frequently Asked Questions

7. If Multiculturalism is your goal, why have you chosen to be a Greek organization?

There are two reasons we have chosen to be a multicultural sorority instead of a multicultural student organization.

The first is that we have a yearning to be in a sisterly relationship with people who significantly differ from us. The reason Greek organizations have selective membership is because through their rituals and values they share something special with their brothers and sisters. We desire not only to experience this special relationship first-hand through sharing a sisterhood with diverse women, but also to show others that the ideal of sisterhood is truly ideal in this sense - that it can transcend the barriers that have historically kept women (and men) apart.

The second reason is more practical and relates to the impact we desire to have on college campuses. Although much progress towards racial integration and cross-cultural interaction has been made on college campuses, for the most part the social aspect of college life has remain segregated, largely by choice. We believe that Greeks play a central role in collegiate social life, and we think that one antidote to voluntary segregation is voluntary integration. We do not want to be misinterpreted as passing judgment on other groups, for we recognize that the natural gravitation towards those of one's kind has a value for some people. However, we would like to use our Greek organization as a vehicle to encourage cross-cultural interaction on a social and voluntary level, and we believe that by doing so we will be contributing to the overall quality of campus life. We are very proud of the difference we have made so far on college campuses regarding cross-cultural social and educational interaction, and being a Greek organization has been crucial to our success.

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